Assessment of access to financial capital by rural people in Ghana: the case of the Upper East region

Mamudu Abunga Akudugu
Savings and Development Vol. 34(2010), No. 2, pp. 169-189

Financial capital (FC) can transform self-image, unlock potential and boost the productivity and well-being of the poor. This paper assesses the access to FC by rural people in the Upper East Region (UER) of Ghana. The study results showed that Rural Banks (RBs) are the main source of FC to rural people in UER with only 21% of them having access to FC from the RBs in pursuance of their livelihoods developments. It is recommended that the RBs and government among others should take pragmatic measures towards covering more rural people who constitute 84% of the population of UER.

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Issue: 2010 XXXIV 2
Contributors: Akudugu, Mamudu Abunga   
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