2009 XXXIII 3

Financial exclusion: what drives supply and demand for basic financial services in Ghana?

Eric Osei-Assibey
Savings and Development Vol. 33(2009), No. 3, pp. 207-238

The majority of people in Sub-Saharan Africa does not have a basic bank account and are financially excluded from mainstream financial services. This paper examines factors that drive geographic exclusion of banking services to rural communities [...]

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La gestion des risques opérationnels dans les institutions de microfinance. Une approche exploratoire

Hubert Tchakoute Tchuigoua and Eric Lamarque
Savings and Development Vol. 33(2009), No. 3, pp. 239-264

In the microfinance institutions; which foster the approach to financial services by people excluded from the banking sector; the issue of operational risk management is very little explored. Starting from this observation; the research aims to [...]

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Asset building and poverty reduction in Ghana: the case of microfinance

Joseph Adjei, Thankom Arun and Farhad Hossain
Savings and Development Vol. 33(2009), No. 3, pp. 265-291

This paper examines the extent to which microfinance has contributed to poverty reduction in Ghana by supporting their clients with both financial and non-financial services to build up their asset base. The study found that participation in the [...]

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Microfinance and poverty reduction in rural Nigeria

Osaore Aideyan
Savings and Development Vol. 33(2009), No. 3, pp. 293-317

There is extensive experience in microfinance provision in Africa, but relatively few empirical studies on the social and economic benefits to clients. This paper draws on original surveys of 281 rural households in Southern Nigeria, some of which [...]

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Credit concentration of Brazilian rural activities from 2000 to 2007

Humberto Francisco Silva Spolador and Roberto Arruda De Souza Lima
Savings and Development Vol. 33(2009), No. 3, pp. 319-350

This paper aims to analyze the degree of concentration of loans allocated to agricultural and livestock activities in Brazil for the period 2000-2007 and to assess the distribution pattern of credit among the states, analyzing the extent to which [...]

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