2013 XXXVII 1

Foreign direct investment in Africa: what are the key factors of attraction other than natural resources?

Bertrand Blancheton and Lambert Opara-Opimba
Savings and Development Vol. 37(2013), No. 1, pp. 1-34

This paper, essentially empirical in nature, analyses the FDI determinants in Africa, independently from the already clearly identified attraction of natural resources. Do powers of anticipation, with respect to the general prospects for these [...]

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An empirical evaluation of Nigeria’s inter-temporal current account solvency

Olusegun Felix Ayadi, Johnnie Williams and Ladelle Hyman
Savings and Development Vol. 37(2013), No. 1, pp. 35-48

This paper sets out to assess the state of capital mobility in Nigeria through the inter-temporal solvency approach. It is an attempt to identify the extent to which actual current account movements have deviated from what is considered optimal [...]

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