Déterminants de la durée de retard de remboursement des microcrédits individuels: application l’un modèle de durée

Ben Soltane Bassem
African Review of Money Finance and Banking 2008, pp. 91-116

The purpose of this research is to analyze the determinants of the duration of repayment delay in the individual microcredits granted by the Tunisian microfinance institutions. The methodology adopted in this analysis is relatively recent in the field of economic sciences. It consists of an analysis through the duration models on the data relating to 156 borrowers. Results show that both the nature of the business and the borrower’s business experience strongly reduce the duration of delay. Nevertheless; the legal statute of the business (formal or informal); the guarantor; and the presence of other lending institutions in the same geographical area offering the same service; are factors that affect positively the delays of repayment. The managerial implications of the found results were also discussed.

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Issue: 2008
Contributors: Bassem, Ben Soltane