While not implying acceptance, payment of fees, responsibility for loss or return, the Editor encourages the submission of manuscripts that comply with the following guidelines.
Submission of the manuscript implies that it is an un-published work, not yet submitted for publication elsewhere.

Manuscript Submission

Submissions to Savings and Develoment are made using Scholastica, an online submission and peer review system. Registration and access is available at
Manuscript must be written in either English or French, not exceed 25 pages (abstract page excepted) and be submitted in .doc format (Microsoft Word format) with a cover letter in a separate file containing Authors’ Name, contact person, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number and Article’s title.
The manuscript must comply with the under-mentioned formatting instructions.


The accepted subjects must be related to: Finance and Development, Microfinance, Banking, Insurance, Savings mobilization, Financial markets or Rural finance.

Running title

A running title of 45 characters or less must be provided. The Authors’ names should not appear below the title in order to permit a fair selection process.


Keywords (3-4) must be indicated covering the Subject (e.g. “microinsurance”; “group lending”; “outreach”; “commercialization”), and the Geographic Placement (if exists; e.g. “India/South Asia”).
JEL Classification must also be quoted.


An abstract should be given at the beginning of the manuscript following the running title; it must comply with the under-mentioned formatting instructions. The Abstract must be no more than 100 words and must be written both in English and in French.

Formatting instructions

Times new roman n. 12 type style and single spacing must be utilized in the drafting of the manuscript.
Do not indent the first line of the paragraphs. Authors are expected to document their data sources, models, and estimation as thoroughly as possible.
Only strictly relevant tables and graphics should be directly inserted in the body text. Other tables and graphics must be put in the appendices.
Number footnotes consecutively throughout the article, not page by page.
Section and subsections in the body text should be indicated in cardinal numbers (e.g. 1; 1.1; 1.2; etc.).
Mathematical formulas should be numbered consecutively as [1], [2] etc.


References must comply with the following form of presentation:

inside the body text:
either “Surname (year of publication)” or “(Surname, year of publication)”
inside the “Bibliography References”:
for articles: Surname Name, Year, “Title”, Journal, Volume No., Pages from-to;
Besley T. and S. Coate, 1995, “Group lending, repayment incentives, and social collateral”, Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 46, No.1, pp.1-18.