Factors impacting geographical distribution of directed lending: a study of Indian banking

Neetika Batra, Muneesh Kumar and Florent Deisting
Savings and Development

Mandatory directed credit program (DCP) or priority sector lending (PSL) program, which is part of the regulatory framework for commercial banks/ financial institutions in many countries, presently focusses mainly on achieving the national objective [...]

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Are poverty reduction programmes less effective in troubled states? An empirical household level investigation in rural India

Arindam Banik and Pradip K. Bhaumik
Savings and Development Vol. 32(2008), No. 4, pp. 321-352

A large amount of money is spent by developing countries in designing and implementing poverty alleviation and reduction programmes. Many of these programmes have well defined objectives and sub-objectives – but the achievements are quite often [...]

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