Bridges to cash: the retail end of M-PESA

Frederik Eijkman, Jake Kendall and Ignacio Mas
Savings and Development Vol. 34(2010), No. 2, pp. 219-252

M-PESA is a remarkably successful mobile payments system launched in Kenya three years ago. Users are able to send money to each other conveniently from their M-PESA using only their mobile phones. A key to the success of M-PESA is the availability [...]

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Paying dividends by Kenyan companies

John M. Parkinson and Nelson Mania Waweru
Savings and Development Vol. 34(2010), No. 1, pp. 35-51

The Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) has, as of 2007, 50 companies listed. In general, the NSE does not seem to be a major factor in the economy of the country. In this study we examined the factors that might have motivated the managers of NSE listed [...]

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Finance-growth nexus and inflation dynamics in Kenya: an empirical investigation

Nicholas M. Odhiambo
Savings and Development Vol. 33(2009), No. 1, pp. 7-25

This study takes a fresh look at the direction of causality between financial development and economic growth in Kenya by examining the impact of inflation on the finance-growth nexus. The empirical results reveal that economic growth Granger-causes [...]

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