The financing issue for african MFIs: an overview of mesofinance experiences

Lucie Fotsa Lieno
Savings and Development Vol. 38(2014), No. 1, pp. 113-131

This paper attempts to provide an explicit outline of mesofinance activities conducted in Africa. Twenty-six microfinance institutions (MFIs) are observed between 2008 and 2012, in 16 Sub Saharan Africa countries. The characteristics of these MFIs are analyzed, ranging from mesofinance programs to ultimate beneficiaries. By distinguishing small business loans patterns from loans granted for social inclusion, an empirical study is carried out using an ordered probit model, thus allowing us to observe how MFIs operate in the mesofinance economic model. The regression of panel data reveals that MFIs become involved in mesofinance according to their funding source or legal status.

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Issue: 2014 XXXVIII 1
Contributors: Fotsa Lieno, Lucie   
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